Honduras 2014

In 2014, Dr. Kali Stewart traveled to Honduras for a service work trip to treat underserved children.   Dr. Stewart's work mostly revolved around extractions, treating large decay, and abscesses.  The goal of each day was to see as many patients as possible using a makeshift dental operatory on the clinic's porch.  Dr. Stewart says, "“I gained an amazing amount of dental experience as well as friendship with my classmate, other volunteers from across the country, and many Honduran people. It was incredibly rewarding to be able to help these people with little to no access to dental care while being immersed in their culture."

Nantucket Be Well Children's Health Fair 2017

On March 12, we participated in the Nantucket Be Well Children's Health Fair providing toothprints for kids of all ages.  Tooth-prints are a softened thermoplastic wafer that is placed in the child's mouth.  They are  instructed to "bite tight like a lion" to make a recording of the size and shape of teeth, the position of the teeth in the jaw, and the relationships of the jaws to each other.  The impression is a permanent record like fingerprints, it is unique to every individual. Even identical twins have different Toothprints®. Children should have Toothprints® at age 3-4, again at age 8-9 and finally at age 11-12, if there are no fillings or other dental identifiers.  The other major advantage to the impression is  the saliva provides cells for DNA sample, and the saliva scent on the wafer can be used for scent dogs to track lost or missing children.  We had a great time at this event and met some great people!  We can't wait to come back next year!

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